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Canned cocktails that actually taste good.

These days, every new drink feels exactly the same.

5% alcohol. 100 calories. Skinny can. Made from God-Knows-What. They’re light. They’re bland. They’re forgettable. So we sought out to make a drink that’s everything the other guys aren’t.

We stocked up on 100% Blue Agave, fresh juices, and fruit nectars – because real flavor isn’t just something you can whip up in a test tube. We bumped up the ABV – because bold flavors call for it, and because we’re about quality over quantity up in this piece. 

We tested and re-tested the recipes for months on end. (Actually, that part was kind of fun. But this is the part of the story where we talk about how hard we worked, so, yeah. It was brutal.)

Not shaken or stirred. Canned.

Try one.

Or else we’ll go out of business, and do you really want that on your conscience?